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This is one of the most classic movies of all the time. It is a movie that involves an unsuspecting aspiring artist who is being surveilled by a poorly socialized guy, Doug. He is a guy with a camera without any knowledge of what to do next. When he sees Amy in the park having a sad moment after seeing her ex-boyfriend with another lady, he decides she his next victim. This movie has him infiltrate her life through planting miniature cameras in her house and them engineering a meeting at a coffee shop with her. He is interested in a sexual relationship. This is however not the case with her. She goes for a date with a guy from job which leads to some extreme actions from Doug who again pretends to give a shoulder to cry on.

Well with his double sided nature we are sure to see a mishap in his moves. There has been a mixed reaction from the people who have seen this. Some have really loved it while for others it was not as good.

This is a story that has been shot through the eyes of a young disturbed curious stalker whose victim is a young aspiring beautiful woman. He is a guy who seeks to connect with her and not continue being the weird outcast he has been dabbed. The actor and the actress i.e. Colin Hank and Ana Claudia have surely made this a great movie in the film industry. They have out done their roles of stalker and victim and made it their point to show the reaction and how the relationship between the two morphs into something else. It is a good thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat all through anticipating the next move.

The director to this movie Eric Nicholas is one who has made it his endeavor to create these creepy and thrilling movies. He is one director that will keep you looking forward for the next scene in the movie. This is not one of those boring old movies that one might think of. This will keep the audience immersed and convinced of the obsessive and observant nature of this man, Doug. He is an incredible director with a keen eye for detail in the emotional nature of the cast.

By some, this movie has been called a work of art. It is the type of movie that has been set out to be horrifying and unsettling and actually does that. It is one that will leave you wanting more of that type. It is a movie that has been recommended for anybody who loves a good thriller. For this, the director and the producer have actually done a great job for it. The way the stalker makes it his life goal to infiltrate himself into Amy, the victim’s life is intricate and well planned. Then you can clearly see that much detail that went into the movie making and how much it has yielded.

This is movie that has left most thriller funs looking for more and something like that. Alone with her helps you walk through the mind of a stalker and understand how for them their relationship with the victim morphs as time goes by

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